Silver Creek Photography | Sylvia Galbraith

Family and Individual Portraits

Today’s portrait has evolved.  Gone are the stiff, posed images of the past.  Sylvia Galbraith produces timeless images that describe a person without using words, reflecting their lifestyle and environment.  She works mainly on location, using local scenery or private homes and gardens as her backdrops.  People, especially young children, photographed in these situations are more relaxed and happy, and their surroundings reflect their personalities. Imagine a portrait of your grandmother in her garden, or your child at play in a park. Often family pets are included in these portraits, and with a lifetime's worth of owning animals including horses, goats, dogs, cats and even a lizard, Sylvia can deal with the most unusual animal situations.  Packages start at $200.

Business Portraits, Head Shots & Models' Portfolios

Corporate and business portraits are photographed conveniently at your location, or at the Silver Creek Photography studio in Fergus, using a variety of backdrops and lighting arrangements. Clients can receive digital files, custom photographs or both, depending on their needs. These can be produced quickly, with your files e-mailed to you within an hour of the photo session.   Packages start at $200. 

Fine Art Portraiture

Looking for something a little more creative in your portraiture?  A fine art approach could be the answer.  Done on-location, these photographs are highly individualized and reflect the character of the subjects in ways a standard portrait simply cannot do.  Ideas for your session come from you - your favourite place, people or concept all become part of the final portrait. Package prices for Fine Art Portraiture are variable but typically start around $300, depending on location and time on site.  Drop Sylvia a note and she'd be happy to discuss options with you.

School, Dance & Sports Packages

Kids are fun!  Sylvia occasionally photographs small schools, daycare centres, preschools or dance and sport groups. These packages are economically priced, and can be customized to suit the individual organization, with many options for prints or digital files.