Silver Creek Photography | Sylvia Galbraith


Union House Arts Residency, Summer 2022

Fall 2022 - I'm going through new work from my recent residency in Newfoundland, and thought I'd share a few of my experimental camera obscura images.  I'm still amazed by this basic process of light interacting with a space... 
Camera Obscura




Experimental photography...

Fall 2022 - Who doesn't love mucking around with messy emulsions and darkroom chemicals?  Over the past summer, I've been exploring alternate photographic processes, and have been playing with anthotypes - images made using plant based emulsions and sunlight, as well as cyanolumens, made by coating 4x5" photographic film with cyanotype chemicals and also exposing them to sunlight.  I'm loving the "one of a kind" effects, and the ephemeral nature of these photographs...  they must remain in darkness or they'll keep fading away.  But don't worry, I've scanned them and made permanent prints as well.  



Continuum - Exhibition Catalogue

Spring 2021 - I finally finished the exhibition catalogue from my most recent show the The Elora Centre for the Arts this past fall....  enjoy.

Click here to access the catalogue.


Spring 2021

Wow, March 2021!  Here we are, a year into this pandemic, and it's been a wild ride!  I've had more events and classes cancelled than I want to think about, but at the same time, the downtime has allowed me to examine my programs and processes, and in many ways, it's been a year of creativity and new plans.  I have scheduled spring classes, one in-person, and some online courses...  all are listed on the course calendar.  I hope to see some of you either in the studio, or on my screen at some point.  Stay well.


Archival Printing Service

My printer has been sitting idle for a few months now, but I will soon have it up and running again - it's getting a complete cleaning and new ink, and will be ready to go shortly.  I have lots of beautiful fine art paper in different finishes and sizes...  some are listed here but let me know if you're after a specific option.


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Virtual Exhibition ends on July 30.

Just because we can't visit art galleries, it doesn't mean we should be deprived of art...  even though I've had several exhibitions cancelled this year, I've been playing with virtual exhibition software, and invite you to check out "Outside of Time" which is destined for a show in Newfoundland at some point.  Enjoy!  On until July 30.