Great photos DO make a difference!

These days we all have to consider the bottom line.  Our expenses are climbing and our profits are shrinking as a result.  We need to assess how we operate and look at ways to attract new clients and keep existing ones.  One of the best ways to do this is to look at our current advertising methods.  Have we updated our letterhead and brochures?  Is our website out of date?  Are we still using the same old photos from years ago, that we took ourselves with a cheap camera?  Guess what?  It shows.  Customers today are more discriminating.  They want to hire businesses and individuals who are professional and organized.  They want value for their money.  Your website or print material is the first impression they have of you.  If you’ve cut corners on your photographs, it will show and you won’t ever hear from them.  High quality photographs catch the viewer’s attention. They tell a bit about your business, and add colour and impact to your website.  But most of all, great photos tell potential clients that your care about the impression you make, and will treat their business the same.  At Silver Creek Photography, you have a choice.  You can purchase stock images from the library or you can have professional photos taken of your business.  Call or e-mail to discuss your plans.

Posted on January 22 2009 top